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Welcome to Blo Norton Hall

Blo Norton Hall,a stunning,moated house dating back to the sixteenth century,is located in the pretty south Norfolk village of Blo Norton.  The village itself lies on the Little River Ouse which separates Suffolk from Norfolk.  It is surrounded by quiet lanes, ideal for walking, cycling and painting and is close  to Redgrave and Lopham Fen. The Hall provided the setting for Virginia Woolfs’ short story, The Journal of Miss Joan Martyn.  In the story, the main character, Rosamond Merridrew, is a historian researching Englands’ land tenure system. One day,she comes across a forgotten manor house and pays a call to investigate meeting the inhabitants and eventually gets her hands on the diary of one of their ancestors, Joan Martyn.

She  says of Blo Norton . . .”it is 300 years old,striped with oak bars inside,old staircases,ancestral vats and portraits . . I tramp the country for miles,leap ditches,scale walls . . .making out beautiful,brilliant stories every step of the way”.  

The Hall is still furnished throughout with antique furniture. Family portraits and other pictures line the grand oak staircase,reception rooms and the grand dining hall.


  • Sleeps 16
  • 8 Bedrooms
  • 7 Bathrooms
  • Grand Dining Hall with Large Fire Place
  • Large Fully Equipped Kitchen with Aga
  • Comfortable and Elegant  Drawing Room with Fireplace
  • Exquisite Gardens Designed by Prince Duleep Singh